Ravenclaw Homework!

Obviously, we are doing Mad Libs this week. This could be funny!

1- An adjective: dreamy
2- A fellow Ravenclaw: Patonga Pinkstone
3- A knitting or crocheting item: cable needle
4- A clothing accessory: belt
5- An adjective: bright
6- Something you always have with you: notebook
7- A HSKS student1: Prendolyn the Weird
8- A HSKS student2: Victoria Pettigrew
9- A noun: kitten
10- An adjective: adequate
11- A noun: armchair
12- An adjective: slimy
13- A food: ice cream
14- An adjective ending in “ing”: descending
15- An adjective ending in “ed”: exhausted
16- A Professor at Hogwarts: Severus Snape
17- An article of clothing: sock
18- A food flavor: cinnamon
19- A part of a room: door
20- An adjective: vertical
21- A number: thirteen
22- A food flavor: chocolate
23- A food topping: sour cream
24- A drink: lemonade
25- A verb: meander
26- An adjective: buttery
27- Something you can knit or crochet: blanket
28- An adjective: sweet
29- A past tense verb: slept
30- A food or drink: taco
31- A Professor at Hogwarts: Minerva McGonagall
32- A magical creature in Harry Potter’s world: hippogryff
33- A noun: iPod

PS The third and final owl from Victoria Pettigrew has arrived! I need to take pictures, then I'll post all of it. Victoria, it's awesome! :D


beccalou said...

I'm so glad my owl made it there. She's been a bit tired recently :)
I hope you like it all!